La Strada, La Louvière

La Strada is a new mixed-use district in the centre of La Louvière which will revolve around a shopping and leisure centre. There will also be additional commercial facilities, housing, a hotel, a cinema complex, offices, a multi-purpose hall and car parks. The Keramis Ceramics Museum and the former Boch Factory will also be part of the development.

These facilities will be complemented by stylish new public spaces designed with the complexity of the traffic systems in mind, a one-hectare park developed as a leisure zone and a large open hall which will play host to a number of activities.

La Strada will consequently add greatly to the attractiveness of La Louvière’s town centre by joining up the main footfall generators – the railway station and the existing shopping streets.

The product of careful consideration and extensive studies, La Strada is therefore set to make radical changes to the city’s future, by offering its residents a district which is a good place to live, go shopping and relax in a high-quality environment.
For the letting of the shops, please contact André Mailleux (+32 2 535 10 10/+32 484 67 55 76).

La Strada La Louvière

Key Figures

Total area

16 ha

Retail, restaurants & services

32,000 sqm GLA


600 units

Hotel & Seminars/Conferences centre

100 rooms

Services & offices

4,000 sqm


1,100 spaces